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cool, attractive, good-looking, stylish,Future,space, universe, cosmos

KimigaitaKisetsu 8-bit version


Towns and villages




Fight the boss


8-bit jingle


The prohibited matters

  • Direct links to the music materials.
  • The act of re-distributing the downloaded materials as your music materials.
  • It does'nt correspond to secondary distribution when you distribute the games and the DVDs such like
  • video works which are using the downloaded materials.
  • The act of selling the materials without permission regardless of media.
  • The act of using the materials without writing the opuses clearly.

A case in which you use the
materials for Youtube

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like you to always write the copyright when you use the music materials and the sound effects of MusicNoteWorld for distributing a video to Youtube.

If you use the materials without writing the source of a quote, not only the possibility of “matching a third party's content” is raised when other people use same materials, but there is a danger of being against Youtube's guide lines when you get the advertisement income.

There is the example that how to write the copyright.

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