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Welcome to MusicNoteWorld!

Music and sound effects in MusicNoteWorld can be downloaded and usable for free.
It's the download site of free music material without copyright and user fees.

All of the music and the sound effects that can be usable for any individuals, legal entities and also on businesses are free materials.You can use the materials which you download from this website of any genres and any contents for free.
Here's the music and the sound effects for you to use for making moving video contents of Youtube, DVDs and games that are distributed by a charge, iPhone APPs and android APPs.

The prohibited matters

  • Direct links to the music materials.
  • The act of re-distributing the downloaded materials as your music materials.
  • It does'nt correspond to secondary distribution when you distribute the games and the DVDs such like
  • video works which are using the downloaded materials.
  • The act of selling the materials without permission regardless of media.
  • The act of using the materials without writing the opuses clearly.

A case in which you use the
materials for Youtube

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like you to always write the copyright when you use the music materials and the sound effects of MusicNoteWorld for distributing a video to Youtube.

If you use the materials without writing the source of a quote, not only the possibility of “matching a third party's content” is raised when other people use same materials, but there is a danger of being against Youtube's guide lines when you get the advertisement income.

There is the example that how to write the copyright.

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